Do you have precious home movies, memories, on tapes still? Let us transfer them to DVD for you before it's too late. The average VHS tape has a shelf life of about 20 years until the magnetic particles that have your audio and video stored on them could start to fall off. Most people don't store their VHS and other tape base media properly, so some of the tapes could already be suffering from missed spots of audio or video, or both.

We can convert VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, Hi8, and 8MM tapes to DVD for you. The $10 per tape price covers from 0 minutes to 120 minutes. 2 Hours is the typical VHS length. If you have a 4 hour tape the price is $15, and a 6 hour tape is $20.

Turn around time is typically 2 weeks or less. If you give us your tape(s) during our busy season (Christmas), it could take up to 4 weeks, so please be sure to get us your tapes at least 6 weeks in advance so we can have them converted and delivered back to you by the holidays!

Local customers - We can meet up with you so there is no need to ship your tapes, and we will meet up again to return your tape(s) with your DVD(s).

Non-local customers - contact us via email to setup a shipment.  Email:  [email protected]

Tape to DVD Conversion

Please note: If you give us a tape that is damaged, or has a weak adhesive (the part that connects the tape to the spindles), we will attempt to repair it so we can convert it to DVD for you. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen with cheaper tape manufacturers.