Leagues & Organizations

Thank you for your interest in Don Valentine Photography! If we are able to add your league/organization, we promise to deliver amazing images that your players and their parents will love. We specialize in Green Screen photography, giving beautiful individual photos to players and their families. Since COVID, we started capturing team photos one player at a time, and compositing a team photo together. Our clients seem to love this idea as it eliminates the need for everyone to be together at the same time, and also guarantees that ever player and coach will have their eyes open, and looking at the camera. As most of you in sports know, it is quite a challenge to get a perfect team photo.

If you are interested in 2 or 3 year contracts with Don Valentine Photography, contact us to see what kind of sponsorship programs we have available.

Examples of the photo services we provide for your league/organization can be seen here

What we need from you:

A date, or set of dates that we can capture your league/organization. Depending on the size of your league/organization, often 1 days on a Saturday or Sunday is ample time to capture the entire league/organization. It is advisable to schedule your date(s) as early as possible, 2-3 months in advance, as we do book up early. We will do our best to accommodate your requested date(s).

The size of your league/organization (ex. how many total players, and total teams). This will help us determine if one date is sufficient, or if two dates or more are required. 

Roster lists with player first & last names, coaches names, and parent contact information (email). We will never email your parents unless we need to contact them about their order (usually 50% of those that order trader cards do not fill in any information for the trader card back), or to email them the digital download if they included that in their order purchase. About 90% of parents don't fill out the contact information on the photo form, so we always have delays in the turnaround time if we have to try to first contact the league/organization to get individual parent contact info. The other 10% that do fill out the back of the form, sometimes will do so in a manner that we can't read the email address. We will never solicit or advertise to your parents through email, we only use their email for communication about their order.

High quality logo for your organization. We use this on memory mates, trader cards, team photos, and sometimes on the individual photos. The largest highest quality version you have would work well, with the best option being your logo on a transparent background (.PNG file) if available. Logos saved from Facebook pages or other social media outlets are already very compressed and small in file size for fast loading and easy sharing on the web, but those smaller compressed file sizes do not scale up well for large high quality photo prints.

Sponsor information. If you plan on providing plaques or thank you posters to your sponsors, a full list of sponsors is required along with the information that you might want to include on their plaques. If you are using their logos on team photos, plaques or banners, a large high quality version of their logo will be needed.

Turnaround time:

Pre-pandemic, things were much different. There wasn't nationwide staffing shortages and supply chain problems. Here we are in the post-pandemic times, and photo labs are still struggling with staffing shortages and supply chain issues. However, we aim for a 3-4 week turnaround time. This time can vary greatly due to not having the information needed to contact parents when one of the issues arises above. We order the entire league/organization's photo orders at one time, and when we receive the orders, we setup a time and date to drop off to the league/organization. The league/organization is usually responsible for distribution to the parents, as we keep the photo costs low by not having to charge parents extra to ship to their addresses. If we are available, we can try to help with distribution, as we enjoy having that contact with our clients. We can usually set aside two evening dates, for 2 hours each night, to setup a table at a convenient location for your parents to come and pickup their orders. This of course depends on busy our schedule is, but we can try to help with distribution as much as possible. If we do commit to two dates, anything not picked up by your parents, will then become the full responsibility of the league/organization to distribute to the remaining parents.

If you would like to get started with scheduling your league/organization, contact us via email and include some dates you are looking to schedule.