Here are some samples of previous banners. Please note, these samples images are optimized for quick loading on the site and not full resolution. Banners are printed with beautiful full quality photo resolution that look absolutely stunning from any distance. Full resolution previews are available, just send us an email using the CONTACT PAGE at the top of the site.



This page contains the information needed for setting up your team/travel banner session up with Don Valentine Photography, as well as pricing information.

Banners can come in any size you need, but pricing below is displayed for the most common team/travel banner size. Contact us via email if you want to discuss a different banner size.

Don Valentine Photography offers two pricing options for your banner.

OPTION 1 : 60" x 40" Banner  $180.00 

Option 1 requires that you give the parents the option to purchase photos from our photo order form, which you can download here. On picture day, we will capture 2 poses of each player. That will be one individual pose, and one team pose that we will use to composite together into your team / travel banner.


OPTION 2 : 60" 40" Banner $350.00

Option 2 does not require the distribution of our photo order form. On picture day, we will capture just a team pose of each player to composite together into your team / travel banner.



You will need to provide a roster with the correct spelling of your players names, their jersey number, and their height. Since we capture photos on a green screen and composite them later, the height is important so that we can make sure they appear close to their actual height next to other players on the team. Please provide this roster for each team at least 2 weeks in advance. This will help us organize on our end the posing. Of course, if you have specific team posing requests, or specific player positioning on the banner, that should be noted as well. For example, imaging you are looking at the banner hanging on the fence, if you want your players placed in specific spots from left to right, you can make that note on the roster.

If you chose OPTION 1, please have the photo forms emailed/handed out to your parents one week before picture day. Instruct your parents to have their forms fill out ahead of time and have a cash or check payment ready to send along with their child on picture day. This will help get your team captured quickly and back to practicing.

Team Logo & sponsor logos/names should be submitted to us via email before picture day. The largest graphic and highest resolution logo is preferable because it will be printed on a big banner. Saving logos from FaceBook pages, other social media accounts, and most websites is not a good option as those logos are highly compressed and do not scale up well for banner printing. However, if a large version of the graphic/logo is not available, we will use whatever is provided, but it may appear pixelated when printed.



When picture day arrives, please instruct your players to arrive dressed and ready for photos. Preferably, we like to capture the photos before anyone gets sweaty or red-faced from practicing or after a game. The photos will look much better if they aren't dripping with sweat.

It is also preferable to have an indoor location to photograph your team. Since we're shooting on a green screen, wind is not a trusted friend, and it also helps to not have hair blowing around across their faces. If an indoor location is not an option, a covered area such as a gazebo or portico would be necessary to protect your players from possible squinting, and to protect the camera gear from any inclement weather. Bringing your team to our photography studio in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania is also an option. If requesting a studio visit, this needs to be scheduled in advance. Because of the amount of teams we work with, we can only extend two dates for your team to get all of your players in and photographed. It is preferred that the entire team comes in one day, but we understand this is not always a possibility.



Typical turn around time is 2-3 weeks. While we work as quickly as possible to get your banner designed, proofed before print, and ordered with the lab, there are some things in this post-pandemic time that we cannot control. However, following all of the BEFORE PICTURE DAY requests above, any potential delays should be greatly reduced. Your attentiveness to responding to any emails we have with any questions, or a request to review the proof of your banner design will also ensure that we can get your banner done as quickly as possible. The photo lab that we have photo orders printed, like most photo labs in this post-pandemic time, are all dealing with staffing issues and the occasional supply chain problems. It was much better in 2022 than it was in 2021, but we will communicate with you any potential delays as we are notified from the labs.

Often times, the banner will printed a week ahead of photo orders. The banners are printed at a different lab and they are able to turn around banner orders quickly. If you chose OPTION 1, we will deliver your banner(s) and photo orders together to a location you specify with a date and time that is convenient. If you prefer to have your banner shipped before the photo order prints are in, we can get that to you in business days for just $10 extra.

If you chose OPTION2, your banner will be shipped to a location you specify

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email using the CONTACT PAGE located at the top of this website.