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Pottstown 2021 Class Photo
(see Pottgrove example below)

Size : 16" tall x 20" wide

We will be capturing each senior separately on a green screen and building a class photo from them. You might not think this would turn out well, but you can see the Pottsgrove example below. These are the most perfect class photos anyone could hope to have! Everyone has their eyes open and is looking at the camera, and is in perfect focus! It's definitely a huge project, but we want to give this memory to you and your graduates! You will be impressed by the quality of this print, and for only $25!

This class photo is printed on thicker photo paper, with UV Coating. We are still awaiting confirmation from the school to see how they want to handle distribution, as the class photos will not be ready until 2 week after school is over. We capture the last seniors photos on June 2nd, and then need the time to build the class photo and get them printed. You do have the option below to have it shipped directly to your home for an additional $7.50 fee.

Only $25 + tax

(available for order until Friday June 5th at midnight, 2021) 



We have never built a class photo for Pottstown before, so we have this Pottsgrove Class of 2020 photo for you to preview.