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Created 12-Jul-12
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A collection of abandoned, forgotten, and interesting objects and locations. History is often easily forgotten and swept away by the damage of human, and the natural elements. When places and the things inside of them are left to decay, most of you will never have the opportunity to see them. With these photos, you can see photos of these forgotten times that thousands of people have never seen, and millions never will.
Abdicated Bullets1964 Unisphere1964 World Fair Statue1964 Circarama1964 Observation Towers1964 Observation Towers & CircaramaAbandoned Building at Ft. TildenAbandoned Building at Ft. TildenAbandoned Building at Ft. TildenWW2 Bunker TunnelWW2 TunnelsWW2 Bunker 02Seagull at Breezy PointBowling ShoesBowling BallsTunnelsTunnelsTunnels

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