Please note, do not attach your PUG or any other animal to your drone. The above image is a photoshopped image, no PUGs were harmed in the creation of the photo. seems everyone knows someone who owns a drone these days!

Photographers and videographers are starting to add this wonderful technology to their equipment, because photographers already don't have enough stuff to pack into the car ;-)

Good news is, drones are extremely affordable now! Even the good ones with GPS, that come back when you fly away too far. Below are a few links if you are looking for a really good starter drone, or even a drone that might be an upgrade from what you currently fly.



This drone comes with a 3-Axis Gimble for a GoPro HERO camera, but does not come with a camera. But for under $260, this is a fantastic price, for a fantastic drone. This drone is super stable, easy to fly, and comes back when you fly too far away!

UNDER $500 - DJI Phantom 3 Standard

This drone does come with a built in camera and 3-axis gimble with 12 MP photo, and up to 2.7K video, this drone is the perfect starter drone for any photographer, videographer, or hobbyist that just wants to capture beautiful pictures and video from the sky! I own this drone, and it's wonderful!

UNDER $1000 - DJI Mavik Pro

This is DJI's latest professional drone, offering a much improved camera to give the user even more beautiful photos and videos! With front facing collision avoidance sensors, you have protection from running into objects. This drone folds up into such a small size with its folding propeller arms, you can put it into any bag. It also has such an amazing range, a whopping 4+ miles!