Welcome to my 3D Modeling & Animation Page.

Though I've slowed down with my 3D virtual creations because I have given more time priority to photography, you can still see some of the 3D models, scenes and animations I've created.

American Horror Story - Hotel

This is my most recent creation. Using just screen grabs from the TV show; American Horror Story Hotel. I created this single hotel hallway scene based after Hotel Cortez. You can take a short animated trip down the hallway and into the elevator using the link below both in a static fixed camera movement, and also a 360 version using your phone or VR headset. I created all of the textures from scratch using Photoshop. It's relatively low poly because I didn't add too much detail just in case someone wanted to use this for a video game level, or for use in another project. I do plan to add more detail, but for now, I'm busy enough that it does not take priority.

To view images and purchase the American Horror Story Hotel model/scene for use in your video game or cg project, visit this link:


Higher resolution : The American Horror Story Hotel - Fixed camera hallway animation

Lower resolution : The American Horror Story Hotel 360 Virtual Reality experience can be found below

To see some of the other published 3D models I've created, please visit my page on Turbo Squid.

Don Valentine's (aka DonViper) 3D models, animations and scenes.